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Cocktails and Drinks in Restoran Neikid

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There are numerous great places for drinks in Tallinn and Manna La Roosa has been our favourite for a while. Now we can add Restaurant Neikid to the list, which is located in a lovely wooden building near Tallinn’s Old Town.  Strengthened with the arrival of Ainar, well known at Self Bar by those who are familiar with Tallinn’s nightlife, his strengths are gin-based drinks and he’s represented Estonia in an international bartender competition organised by Beefeater Gin in London in February 2016.

We had the chance to sample his skills in Neikid and our gin & tonic was probably the best we have ever had in Tallinn. We also tried a ‘Saffronmango’ cocktail and Ainar’s signature cocktail ‘Ainarnia’ (Crafters gin with rooibos tea and rose lemonade). It was a pleasure to watch him in action as he really puts skill into the drink preparation and is happy to talk about the art of cocktail making. In case gin is not your thing, it may be a good idea to ask for recommendations for other drinks (for example, rum based Pomum Hibiscus is worth trying out). Neikid’s drinks cost about 5-6€ each so they are definitely cheaper than in Tallinn’s more expensive bars.

Tallinnan Ravintola Neikid (5)

The restaurant obviously offers food too but we have never dined there. We did though order a cheese platter with our drinks which was a great choice.  A 3 course lunch costs around 10 euros and on the dinner menu the appetizers are 4-9€, soups 7-8€, mains 7-14€ and desserts 5-6€. For more information please check Neikid’s website. Table reservations can be done via the button below:
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Opening Hours:
Mon-Sat 12.00-23.00

More photos:
The location of Restoran Neikid can be found on the Tallinn map below.
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