St.Petersbourg holds the title ‘oldest hotel in Tallinn’ with pride and it’s no wonder why: this is a great hotel right in the Old Town on Rataskaevu street. The building was first mentioned in the 14th century, and has been operating as a hotel since 1850. After the USSR nationalised the hotel in the ’40s, it remained prestigious and used to accommodate Soviet officials and high ranking civilians. In 1999 the hotel was renovated and the name ‘Hotel Rataskaevu’ was replaced with ‘St.Petersbourg’. Today, this hotel has chic, modern and stylish interior design thanks to Andrew Martin Int. The latest makeover started in 2013 and was completed in 2014, so everything is still new and feels fresh. This year the hotel is celebrating its 165-year-old history, so we wanted to see what’s all the hype about.

St.Petersbourg didn’t disappoint us, and met our expectations well. The hotel is completely renovated: from floor to ceiling. When it comes to the colour theme, it’s a matter of taste, and for some the black, gray, and burgundy combo can be a bit too dark. However, silver/gold deco with chandeliers brings lightness and style to the overall appearance.

Our Deluxe room was spacious, clean and stylishly decorated. In addition to bathrobes and slippers, the room included also an umbrella, iPad, hair and skin care products, and a little sitting area with sofa and coffee table. During the evening round, housekeeping bring two bottles of water to the room and place bathrobes with slippers on each side of the bed, which is a nice little touch. Although, if you’ve been traveling for the whole day  prior to your arrival, we believe there should be water in the rooms already after check-in. At least we were thirsty when we got to our room after an exhausting day, and to our disappointment there was only 1 tiny (overpriced) bottle of still Vichy in the mini-bar, which isn’t enough for one, let alone for two. Luckily we knew that the ‘Kolm Jalg‘ store is just round the corner, so we bought bottles of water from there.

Tallinn Hotel St. Petersbourg 4
Hotel lobby area

The beds and bed linen were excellent for a good night’s sleep, though at times some noise carried into our room from the street and neighbouring rooms. Be aware that this is a common ‘problem’ in the Old Town due to the very old buildings – you can’t get it all, right?  If you are a light sleeper, then perhaps a more modern hotel with soundproofing could be a better option. However, as mentioned, we slept well.

Between 7 am to 11 am, guests can book a morning sauna for private use for an hour, which is free of charge. Just remember to book it in advance, so you can pick a time slot that suits you best. Although, if you prefer going to sauna in the evening, the hourly rate is only 13€, which is a very reasonable price. However, the sauna has seen better days – for some reason it hasn’t been renovated like the rest of the hotel- but the view over the Old Town rooftops is amazing and brings a nice charm.

St. Petersbourg’s breakfast is served in Kuldne Notsu Körts restaurant. The breakfast is definitely among the best  in town, the buffet table consisting of cold foods has a great variety and in addition to that you can order a warm meal according to your preference (e.g. pancakes, porridge, omelette etc.), which is served to the table with fresh coffee/tea. Also the service was cheerful and friendly.

Overall, our visit to St.Petersbourg Hotel was pleasant, and we can warmly recommend it to people who are seeking a little bit of luxury in their lives. If you want to stay in this boutique hotel, you can book it from the following link:


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The location of St. Petersbourg can be found on our Tallinn Map.

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