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Tallinn Town Hall Square

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Tallinn Town Hall Square is definitely one of the ‘must visit places’ in Tallinn, as it is the heart of the Old Town. The first mention of Town Hall Square is from 1313 when it was called forum. Over the centuries the place has had the following names: market (1371), Vana Turg (1442), Saksa Turg and Rootsi Turg (Turg = Market, Vana = Old, Saksa = German, Rootsi = Swedish). The current name (Raekoja Plats) has been in use since 1923.

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According to legend, the very first Christmas tree in the world was brought to Town Hall Square in 1441. The tradition is still very much alive, as every Christmas an enormous Christmas tree is brought to the centre of Raekoja Plats. Town Hall Square is also the place where the legendary Tallinn Old Town Christmas Market is held every year, and in addition several other events and festivals are organised here.

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There are several restaurants and cafes located in Town Hall Square but in our opinion those are way too touristy and the prices are ridiculously high. So if you want to consider other options please see our recommendations for Tallinn. The only place we can recommend in Town Hall Square is Kehrwieder cafe, which is serving (probably) the best mulled wine in Tallinn and they have delicious handmade chocolates as well. When you are visiting Town Hall Square we recommend you stop by Rae Apteek (one of the oldest pharmacies in Europe) and if you are a daredevil then climb up to the Town Hall tower.

The location of Town Hall Square can be found on the Tallinn map below.

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