There are several great vantage points in Tallinn ranging from a hotel’s rooftop terrace to a church tower and viewing platforms. In case you want to get a good overall picture of Tallinn city centre, then we recommend visiting Radisson BLU Hotel’s Lounge 24 where, from the rooftop terrace, you can see the whole city centre and also the Old Town. However, if you are planning to wander the narrow streets of Tallinn Old Town and would like to take some great photos, then Patkuli and Kohtuotsa viewing platforms on the Toompea hill are just the places for you. These are probably the best viewing platforms in Tallinn Old Town, and of course you can enjoy the views from more unusual perspectives – e.g. the Tallinn Town Hall Tower and St. Olaf’s Church Tower. The only minus with the towers are the old and narrow staircases, which can be challenging for some people. Below you can find photos from all the best vantage points in Tallinn.
More photos:
The location of the places mentioned in the post can be found on our Tallinn Map (below). 



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