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Viru Hotel’s KGB Museum

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The Viru Hotel KGB Museum offers one of the most fascinating guided tours in Tallinn, as you learn a lot about the KGB and visit the secret spy rooms on the 24th floor. The tour is really informative and the guides are well trained, so you can freely ask them questions, and we are pretty sure that everyone will find something new and interesting at the KGB Museum. You can see the room which was the KGB ‘nerve centre’ for around 20 years and there are lots of interesting details and objects along the route (e.g. a red phone without buttons). Some of the facts sound so ridiculous that they simply make you smile. 🙂
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The story behind wallets with a colour ‘bomb’ inside is definitely one of the most interesting in the KGB Museum. Little leather wallets were traps for hotel staff, as in the Soviet Union the staff was instructed to report all found items to their superiors and it was strictly forbidden to open anything. Well, as some of you might know, the word ‘trust’ wasn’t part of Soviet vocabulary,  so these wallets were left lying around and if someone decided to open one, they were greeted with a colourful puff. The colour from the ‘bomb’ dyed faces and clothes bright pink which later turned purple. On top of that, the colour was so strong that it remained on human skin for two weeks and washing it off was really difficult. This wallet story is only one of the interesting stories you can hear on the tour, so there are plenty of good reasons to visit the KGB Museum. In addition, the tour offers an excellent opportunity to enjoy the scenery and take photographs on the 23rd floor of the Viru Hotel. From the top you can pretty much see the whole of Tallinn.
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A ticket to the KGB Museum costs 10€ (for hotel guests 8€) and guided tours in English are available daily at 11.30am and 2.30pm (access to the museum is only with a guide). We recommend that you make a reservation in advance by email (viru.reservation@sok.fi) or phone (+372 6 809 300). From November to April the museum is closed on Mondays. Btw, with the entry ticket you can access night club Cafe Amigo for free (though we skipped this opportunity). More information about the museum can be found from Viru Hotel’s website. Based on our experience we can recommend visting the museum. 🙂
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Viru Hotel’s location can be found on the Tallinn Map below.

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