Tallinn The Legend of Lake Ülemiste (1)

Lake Ülemiste is the most important fresh water source for Tallinn city, with all the drinking water coming from there. The lake is located near Ülemiste shopping centre and  Tallinn Airport (Lennart Meri Tallinna lennujaam) and surrounded by high fences, because the area is not open to the public. From time to time there have been discussions about opening the lake area for public use, but so far Tallinn City Council has opposed this.

There’s also an interesting legend related to the lake, as the people of Tallinn believe that a mythical creature called Ülemiste Elder (Ülemiste vanake) lives there. If one happens to meet him, he is believed to ask: ‘Is Tallinn ready yet?’. If one answers ‘yes’, then the elder will flood the city. So in case you ever meet the guy, the correct answer is: ‘No, there’s much to be done yet’.  😉 The latter answer makes more sense: Tallinn is constantly developing and transforming.

The photo above is the cover of Arvo Valto’s book Ülemiste vanake“.


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