Tallinn Ülemiste Centre - The Biggest Mall in Estonia (2)

Ülemiste Centre – The Biggest Mall in Estonia

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Ülemiste is close to Tallinn Airport, approximately 3 km away from the city centre. Over the years this shopping mall has been expanding and in October 2014 they opened over 60 new stores making it currently the biggest shopping centre in Estonia. For years Rocca Al Mare was the king of the malls, but now the power and crown has changed. Especially for shoeholics Ülemiste is a must, as they have 23 different shoe stores: Dune, Danija, Eligo, Walking, MK, Ecco, Shu, Tamaris, Salamander, Geox, Skechers, Bata, NS King, Högl, ZB Shoes, Step Top, Extra Style, Chester, Aldo, Fam Club, Rieker and Crocs! If you can’t find a nice pair of shoes from one of these stores, perhaps there’s something wrong with the buyer, not the selection. 😉 Altogether Ülemiste’s premises cover 92 000 square meters with 210 stores/boutiques, 1350 parking lots, five resting places (where one can play with iPads for free and/or charge a mobile phone) and they have a big supervised play centre for children with a cool tube slide between the two floors! 🙂 We used to recommend Kristiine Keskus and Rocca Al Mare for ‘serious’ shopping but after the renovations and improvements of Ülemiste, this is an excellent choice for shopaholics and families!Tallinn Ülemiste Centre - The Biggest Mall in Estonia (1)

However, if you want to stay in the city centre and combine sightseeing with shopping, then you can visit the following malls: Viru Centre, Solaris, Foorum, Rotermann City or Stockmann department store. Or if you’re planning to visit Tallinn Zoo or the Estonian Open Air Museum, then you can pop by Rocca Al Mare shopping centre. In Ülemiste’s direction there’s nothing else to see, but on the other hand it’s not that far away and has good transport connections. Easiest way to get there by public transportation is to take bus number 15 from the centre; e.g. hop on in Viru Centre’s bus terminal and you’ll be in Ülemiste in about 15 minutes. Or you can take bus number 2, which drives between the Port of Tallinn (A and D terminals) and Tallinn Airport.

Ülemiste is open daily from 10 am  to 9 pm, and Rimi hypermarket is open from 9 am to 10 pm.

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Ülemiste Centre’s location can be found on the Tallinn Map below.

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